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      A trip to Del Norte includes much experience that is enjoyable and healthful.  There is much that is beautiful among the towering
redwood forests along the rock-bound coast and in the mountains.  the climate is all that could be desired, and the delights of a
camping trip can be imagined.  The prolific streams afford a substantial reward to the gentle fisherman.  But best of all comes the glow
of health from recreation in the mountain wilds, and the recuperation which a sojourn in wooded solitudes brings to the active worker.
(Wirtten about Del Norte County in the 1850"s. One Hundred Fifty years later, Del Norte is still an enjoyable and healthy place to visit!)

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 photos as wallpaper for your PC!
  Click here to see photos of Gasquet Mountain, French Hill, Dry Lake & the South Fork of the Smith River
These photos were taken on an early summer morning up the Toll Road and from French Hill at Gasquet. Gasquet is located on Highway 199 eighteen miles northeast of Crescent City. Included in these photos is a magical rainbow that remained stationary in the early morning fog in the Smith River Canyon. Also see views of Crescent City, Lake Earl and the Pacific Ocean from French Hill. See Dry Lake and the south Fork of the Smith River.
IMAGE18.JPG   Click here to see photos of "The Farm That Wasn't", a WW II Radar Station in Klamath
The Klamath River Radar Station was the last relatively intact World War II station of its kind, and its camouflage features were so unusual historians were able to rescue it from neglect and obscurity in the 1970's by placing it on the National Register of Historic Places.
IMAGE02.JPG   Click here to see photos of the enchanting Lake Earl Wildlife Park
Lake Earl Wildlife Park is just outside of Crescent City, off Old Mill Road. Words can't describe what you will discover and experience as you explore the park.
  Click here to see photos around Klamath
Klamath offers many things to do and see. These photos are just a few things you will see in Klamath.
Lagoon Creek  -  Yurok Loop Trail  - Klamath CA   Click here to see photos of Lagoon Creek & Yurok Loop Trail
Lagoon Creek is just north of Klamath on Highway 101. This is a popular spot to stop for a rest. Picnic tables and a Restrooms makes your visit comfortable. Fish for trout, walk the trails or the awesome beach just north of the lagoon. These photo's were taken on a clear crisp late January morning.
  Click here to see photos of Sea Cruise 2000
Sea Cruise is an annual event held at the Beachfront Park in Crescent City. Don't miss next years Sea Cruise!
  Click here to see photos of a
Summer evening at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a great place to spend time agate hunting, tidepool exploring or just sitting and watching the sunset.
  Click here to see the Crescent City Fourth of July Parade 2000
The Fourth of July in Crescent City is perhaps the most anticipated celebration every year for locals and visitors. Several thousand spectators line the streets to watch the annual Parade and take in the great food and events at the Beach Front Park afterwards and ending the evening with a beautiful Fireworks display over Crescent Harbor. Come visit us 4th of July 2001!
hotellauff.jpg   Click here to see Vintage Photos of Del Norte County
Step back into the the past. This site has vintage photos of Crescent City, Del Norte County, Klamath, Smith River, Indian Basketry, Redwoods, logging and much more. A must see site! Courtesy of Charles LeVeque.
  Click here to see the back country of Del Norte County: Beautiful pictures taken in the back country of the rugged Coastal Range mountains of Del Norte County. Contributed by Albert Wilson
  Click here to see the Smith River and Patricks Creek
The Smith River is a crystal clear pristine river. It is the pride of Del Norte County. Patricks Creek spills into the Smith River.
  Click here to see the lower Smith River after the first storm of October 2000
The fall colors reflecting in the river are beautiful. These photos are a must see!
  Click here to see Crescent Harbor
The harbor is both a working harbor and a place to spend the day watching sea lions in the bay and lounging on the piers. You can also launch your boat in the harbor for a day of sports fishing or enjoy fishing from the piers, jetties or Whalers Island. Catch perch, link cod, snapper or even an eel. Crescent City Harbor is also home to several eating establishments. Enjoy fresh seafood or a great burger and end your day with a peaceful stroll on the beach.
  Click here to see The Lost Coast
The Lost Coast is located in our neighbor county of Humboldt. It is a magnificent one day drive to and from Crescent City. Be sure to view Ship Rock just off the coast!
  Click here to see Trinidad
Trinidad is a hour drive from Crescent City. This seacoast treasure is 60 miles south of Crescent CIty in Humboldt County.
  Click here to see exclusive World Trade Center Photos
Photos taken by a Red Cross Volunteer

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