This site is dedicated to my Uncle Roy Harmon & Alson "Al" Souder
who used to tell me stories about the attacks on his ship during the war.

Gordon Bigham

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Deploying to Italy in 1944, the 91st Division saw some to the toughest fighting of the war. Its campaigns included hard-fought river crossings and bitter winter battles in the mountains of Northern Italy. Division battle-streamers include Rome-Arno, North Appenines, and Po Valley. Two 91st Division soldiers won the Medal of Honor: Sgt. Roy Harmon and Sgt. Oscar G. Johnson. Of its authorized strength of 14,000 men, the division lost 8,323 killed and wounded. After "Victory-in-Europe" in May, 1945, the division occupied Trieste and prepared for redeployment to the Pacific Theater. Upon Japan's surrender, the 91st was ordered home, It deactivated at Camp Rucker, Alabama in December 1945. Source: The United States Army's National Training Center - The Legend of the Futa Pass

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