This website is a personal homepage for Legend40. I wanted to create a website that would center around a theme involving legends. You will find links from Paul Bunyan to Abraham Lincoln. Each and every Legend featured is truly a legend, whether they were real life, a myth or folklore.

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Copykat Creations
"Have you ever wondered how your favorite restaurants make their delicious one-of-a-kind recipes? Well, now you can make dishes from giants such as Boston Market, Olive Garden and Bennigans AT HOME!"

The Internet Chef
If you are looking for cooking ideas from full meals to snacks, you can find it here.

Top Secret Recipes
Creating Kitchen Clones of
America's Favorite Brand-Name Foods.
Including secrets and legends from convenience foodland.

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Folklore & Legends

Paul Bunyan

A Tall Tale

Road Side Bunyans
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Real Life Heros & Legends

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Online

The Legend of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln The 16th President

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Webster's Dictionary

Main Entry: leg·end
Pronunciation: 'le-j&nd
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English legende, from Middle French & Medieval Latin; Middle French legende, from Medieval Latin legenda, from Latin, feminine of legendus, gerundive of legere to gather, select, read; akin to Greek legein to gather, say, logos speech, word, reason
Date: 14th century
1 a : a story coming down from the past; especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable b : a body of such stories <a place in the legend of the frontier> c : a popular myth of recent origin d : a person or thing that inspires legends e : the subject of a legend <its violence was legend even in its own time -- William Broyles Jr.>
2 a : an inscription or title on an object (as a coin) b : 2 c : an explanatory list of the symbols on a map or chart