CrescentCity95531 presents Earthquakes. This web article takes you on a journey through links featuring information on earthquakes. Earthquake information for the Border Coast is imperative for those living here and visiting our beautiful coastal area. Also check out our web article "Tsunamis" for more related information.

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Understanding Earthquakes Take the earthquake quiz, view a rotating globe showing earthquake locations, or read famous accounts of earthquakes.

United States Geological Survey - National Earthquake Information Center Earthquake maps, and an explanation of earthquake parameters from the United States Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center.

Geology at Humboldt State University: Earthquake Information Humboldt Earthquake Information Center studies north coastal California seismology.

Animals and Earthquakes Article cites several examples correlating strange animal behavior and earthquakes.

Global Earthquake Response Center! Earthquakes in the news and more.

Northern California Earthquake Data Center Archive and data distribution center for seismic and geodetic info for Northern and Central California.

USGS Earthquake Hazards and Preparedness "While we cannot make earthquakes go away, there is much that can be done to reduce the loss of life and property during earthquakes."

Earthquake resources on the web. A handy reference list for Parents and Teachers. Addresses the fears kids have about quakes, affirming that family preparedness means more than buying canned goods and bottled water. For kids preparedness means education and emotional reassurance. Written from the perspective of a young boy.

Earthquake: Frequently Asked Questions The following questions are answered: An earthquake is the sudden release of stresses in the Earth's crust along lines of weakness called faults. When stresses in the crust exceed its strength, the rocks on either side of a fault slip past one another violently and waves of shaking radiate outwards.

Big Trouble In Earthquake Country University of California, Berkeley, offers an interactive learning module to assess hazards to life and property associated with hypothetical earthquakes of various magnitudes A great resource for teachers and students.

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