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"The old spirit that prevailed in 1853 still exists, and the trade of a great county of immense
resources will always be attracted to Crescent City by the element that represents it."
(from Rootsweb.com)

Community Revitalization!
"Communities are incubators of innovation and are where our can-do spirit resides.
In communities lies hope and new opportunities for citizens to volunteer, celebrate,
learn about their responsibilities, and take action together."

    - John W. Gardner
    Founding Chairman
Alliance for National Renewal

We have searched the Web for sites that promote community renewal, spirit and involvement.
Visit the following links and take from them what you can to help our community prosper.

Within the neighborhoods, the towns, the local communities of America are the
stirrings of a new movement of citizens acting together to solve community problems.
A Nation of Spectators
The National Commission on Civic Renewal

Sustainable Communities Network
Many cities, towns, and other localities find ways to bring citizens together to define a community's course and to develop strategies to make it more sustainable. This site presents information on approaches and techniques used successfully in communities to involve citizens.

Alliance for National Renewal
A National Civic League Program
Unleashing the Power of Communities

A catalyst for inspiring and helping citizens work together to improve their communities and thus, our nation, ANR offers:

  • assistance to communities that want to start community renewal alliances
  • access to a network of people who believe in taking back our nation, neighborhood by neighborhood
  • a collection of stories on successful community renewal efforts
  • inspiration, ideas, tools and collaborative processes shared through conferences, publications, technical assistance, and the World Wide Web

Got an Idea?
Share your ideas about making our community a great place to
play, work and live!
Email us and we will
share it with everyone!



The Enterprise Foundation
The Enterprise Foundation is dedicated to bringing lasting improvements to distressed communities.Enterprise is a national, nonprofit housing and community development organization. As the nation’s leader in community development, Enterprise cultivates, collects, and disseminates expertise and resources to help community-based organizations across the United States successfully improve the quality of life for low-income people. They communicate and advocate for what works in community development.

Community Technology Centers' Network
Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet) envisions a society in which all people are equitably empowered by technology skills and usage. CTCNet is committed to achieving this end.

NetActivism is an online newsletter devoted to  helping people, organizations, and public officials learn how to use the Internet for civic and political empowerment.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Everything from Fund Raising to Non-profit management.

U.S. State & Local Gateway
This web site was developed to give state and local government officials and employees easy access to federal information in ways that make sense to them and you.

USDA Rural Development
Creating new opportunity for Rural America. List of programs and information on community development and empowerment.