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Sun Spot
Tanning, massage therapy, ear candling,
hair styling and more!

Crescent City Vacation Rental
2300 sq ft. Sleeps 8+. 4 bedroom 2 bath
with all amenities, Satellite TV, Fully furnished,
full large kitchen, Washer/Dryer, 2 blocks to
beach access, 1 block to nice park, 5 blocks
to town. For rates and photos be sure to visit
our website.

R & K Construction
We have built many custom homes
very close to the ocean and are
especially aware of the challanges.
Visit our web site. Review our service
offerings and call or email for more
information. Let us know how we can
best serve your needs. We build,
remodel, restore and repair light
commercial and residential structures.
CAD design available. Specialty trades
available. We specialize in coastal conditions.

Sun Spot
Tanning, massage therapy, ear candling,
hair styling and more!

Unlimited Internet Access $19.95
Free Nationwide Roaming!

White Rose Mansion Inn
The White Rose Inn is a historic Italianate
Victorian bed andbreakfast located in the rural
Smith River Valley.

Elk Valley Casino
Whether you are vacationing
or just traveling through,
Elk Valley Casino offers you a
fine gaming experience that
will make your visit a memorable one.

Fine natural cheese since 1921

  Del Norte Realty
Del Norte Realty is a full service agency
providing commercial, residential and
property management services. 

Sutter Coast Hospital
Acute Care Hospital & 24 hour
Emergency Room

Foggy Coast Internet & Computers
Independent Handtech.com Consultant
Anything computers or Internet!

Ocean World
Visitors feel like they are traveling
beneath the sea as they head down
into our ship to view sea creatures underwater. 

Northcoast Marine Mammal Center
The center is a private non-profit
organization, dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation
of stranded, sick or injured seals, seal lions, dolphins,
porpoises and whales.

Sherman's Heating
Specializing in Coleman Warm Air
Furnaces. Our goal for this site is to
provide information and knowledge
about the beauty and benefitsof Oil
Heating.Sherman's Heating also
provides a wide variety of Service
Parts for virtually every make and
model of Oil Fired heating appliance
including Warm Air Furnaces; Boilers,
Hot Water heaters etc. 

Rhyn Noll Surf Shop
Rhyn Noll Surf Shop is located in
Crescent City. Rhyn is the son of
Greg Noll. Check out the Noll
surfboards and streetsurfers. Also,
check out the surf gear, skateboards,
and surf art."

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