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Above Visual Source: NASA

The following links were selected due to their factual content

Asteroid & Comet Imapact Hazards: NASA Ames Science Center Division

Armageddon to Fluff In Just One Day: An ABC News Link

Protocols needed for reporting Earth-crossing asteroids
National Academy of Sciences
Sunday May 17, 1998

Scientists find evidence of dinosaur killer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Scientists who drilled core samples from the ocean bed said Sunday they have found "smoking gun" evidence that a huge asteroid smashed into the Earth 65 millions years ago and probably killed off the dinosaurs.

Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking Home Page

Double Whammy:
By Scientific American
Site includes excellent simulation
Asteroid striking land would be catastrophic, but the
damage might be far worse if it crashed into the sea.

Okay, so they were a little off
U.S. News Article

Astronomers tone down an asteroid
warning but see more in our future

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